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Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello

Following his four-night residency at the London Palladium, have a read of our review round-up from Elvis Costello’s shows at the iconic West End venue.

Describing the origins of Costello’s music and who has influenced many of his records, The Financial Times says, “Songs, mainly strummed with vigour on acoustic or electric guitar, were introduced with entertaining tales. Some were fanciful… Others memorialised his family of musicians, most notably his father Ross MacManus, a dance band singer and trumpeter.”

Harping back to his roots once again in The Telegraph, Bernadette McNulty describes how his rendition of, “London’s Brilliant Parade, his 1994 love letter to the city he was boring in, was evocatively nostalgic of a place that has near disappeared.”

The fantastically colourful staging, made up mainly of an old-fashioned television set, “apparently similar to the one he had growing up in Liverpool in the early ’60s”, featured a constant stream of childhood pictures and snippets from his huge collections of poetry and lyrics, as observed in The Independent.


Photos courtesy of Andy Paradise / www.paradisephoto.co.uk