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Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry

“Guilded, grown-up glamour” – The Telegraph

Following Bryan Ferry’s sold out performance at the London Palladium this Wednesday, we gathered together some of our favourite reviews from the show, in an evening that can only be described as a step back in time, filled to the brim with Ferry’s greatest hits.

The Times described how “…breaking a sweat seemed an unnecessary bother, although the old smoothie hardly needed to with such a back catalogue”, as the 70 year-old performer churned out hit after hit.

Backed by a seven-piece band and two singers, FT added that Ferry’s vocals were stronger than ever: “Quavering tones revealed the pull of powerful emotions while careful vocal control implied their successful repression.”

The night ended on a high, with one woman being so overwhelmed by Bryan Ferry’s charm that she “lept on stage next to him, flicking her skirt up to her knickers, until security gingerly escorted her off.”

Bryan Ferry completes his two-night stint at the London Palladium on Friday 22nd April.

Photos courtesy of Hugo Philpott.