Austin Powers International Man of Mystery – Film with Live Orchestra

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery – Film with Live Orchestra

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this show has now been cancelled. 

Film classification 15 – No admittance to anyone under 15

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Film with live orchestra conducted by original composer George S. Clinton

Experience Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, a film that spawned countless catchphrases and double-entendres, with a live full orchestra, conducted by the original composer of the score George S. Clinton.

Released in 1997, the film is a bold introduction to the titular Austin Powers – a 1960s secret agent who is woken from cryogenic sleep in the 1990’s to stop his arch-nemesis, the maniacal Dr. Evil, from his plan to take over the world. George S. Clinton’s score is a playful, unique and typically vibrant nod (as is the film itself) to spy films of the 1960s. Marrying a genuine love of the era’s infusion of jazz into an orchestral setting, the score takes its inspiration from the works of Burt Bacharach, John Barry, Henry Mancini, and Quincy Jones.

The spy-spoof’s 60s score will be brought to life by an incredible 60-piece orchestra, whilst the film itself will be presented in stunning HD via a 60ft screen.

Don’t miss you chance to catch the International Man of Mystery like never before. It will be groovy, baby!

Event Details

20th May 2018

No longer available

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